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IBC Central

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

It’s often IBC Central here at Mount Metal Craft, with us usually having a few on the go at any one time.

Intermediate bulk containers, or IBCs for short, are reusable industrial grade containers, engineered for transporting and storing liquids, semi-solids and pastes across a number of industries including agricultural fertilisers, chemical and food production.

Along with fabricating IBCs from scratch, we also have an extensive refurb project happening, which sees maintenance and repairs undertaken to ensure the longevity of the product. With a liner life of five years, frame life of 10+ years and holding 1,000 litres, IBCs definitely need to be well-made!

To complement this product, we also fabricate containment bunds that IBCs sit on. These bunds can hold 1,200 litres which is more than enough to catch any potential spillage.

Pictured is a range of what the team have been working on this winter – two new IBCs, one that’s been refurbished and one about to be serviced. An additional and new feature – all fresh IBCs that leave our workshop have a branded ID plate attached which contains specific information relating to that IBC.

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